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Buenísimo ejemplo donde el medio es el mensaje. “What a person can miss a machine will find”.

caricaturas en lego #lol #cool



  1. The Simpsons
  2. Southpark
  3. Ninja Turtles
  4. Asterix and Obelix
  5. Donald Duck

#cool campaña  “dona tu conocimiento”


Creative Laluz Advertisement: Donate your knowledge - Yaratıcı Laluz Reklamı: Bilginizi Bağışlayın

#cool propuesta para hacer un planeta más verde


Art direction eye candy.


por eso… hagan ejercicio este 2012 x fitas jajaja


Clever Powerhouse Health club T Shirt Design - Zekice Yapılmış Powerhouse Sağlık kulübü T-Shirt Tasarımı

This is a satire of the need to work out. An inlet-outlet rubber is attached to the t-shirt, the guy is giving an impression of an air balloon and powerhouse is the ultimate destination to let the air out

buenísimo!!! reí mucho!! la maldición del publicista en una reunión cualquiera! jajajajaja

mejor hay que hacer ejercicio! #cool #lol


Creative Gym Elevator Advertisement: Being overweight makes it harder. Get in shape. - Yaratıcı Spor Salonu Asansör Reklamı: Aşırı kilolu olmak, hayatı dahada zorlaştırır. Fit olun.


Creative Unicef Outdoor advertisement: Dirty Water - Yaratıcı Unicef Dış Mekan reklamı: Kirli Su

Almost 3 year ago in Manhattan, New York, UNICEF devised a very original way of raising awareness to the water problem millions of people across the globe are facing every day. The Dirty Water campaign gave people the chance to buy a bottle of disease-infected water, other people are forced to drink on a daily basis. The water-bottles were kept in vending machines across Manhattan and purchased for $1 each.

We thought we would re publish the idea in case you missed it and needed a reminder.


Creative Miele vacuum cleaners Outdoor Advertisement - Yaratıcı Miele elektrikli süpürgeler Dış Mekan Reklam

jajajaja Lacking energy?


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