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Buenísimo ejemplo donde el medio es el mensaje. “What a person can miss a machine will find”.

#cool campaña  “dona tu conocimiento”


Creative Laluz Advertisement: Donate your knowledge - Yaratıcı Laluz Reklamı: Bilginizi Bağışlayın

#cool propuesta para hacer un planeta más verde


Art direction eye candy.



Creative Unicef Outdoor advertisement: Dirty Water - Yaratıcı Unicef Dış Mekan reklamı: Kirli Su

Almost 3 year ago in Manhattan, New York, UNICEF devised a very original way of raising awareness to the water problem millions of people across the globe are facing every day. The Dirty Water campaign gave people the chance to buy a bottle of disease-infected water, other people are forced to drink on a daily basis. The water-bottles were kept in vending machines across Manhattan and purchased for $1 each.

We thought we would re publish the idea in case you missed it and needed a reminder.

interesante campaña vs violencia


Creative ACAT Campaign Against Torture - ACAT ‘in İşkenceye Karşı Yapılmış Yaratıcı Kampanyası